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The history of Muay Thai can be traced to the middle of the 16th century during the battles between the Burmese.

Now days we see Muay Thai use more and more in modern martial arts and self-

Muay Thai has a heavy focus on conditioning designed to improve the level of fitness and toughness required for ring competition.


We at Fighters Gym Phuket have a handful of world class Muay Thai Trainers with many years’ experience.
Our sessions are well organized and we mix the best from traditional and modern Muay Thai style. We like to focus on the development of both speed, power production as well as body strength. You get a great workout and Martial Art/ kickboxing training burns around 817 calories an hour for a 180 lb. individual

Our trainers are some of the best pad holders in Thailand and we´re using an all-round/completed style which means that we are not only using the traditional Muay Thai style but also a well-rounded strength and conditioning program designed for our students needs in mind. Add western style Boxing and K-1, and this make our Muay Thai even more suit full for Martial Arts/ MMA fighters.

We have four Muay Thai classes a day, two in the morning and two classes in the afternoon, Monday-Saturday 52 weeks a year.

We have both basic and PRO classes.
The Basic classes are for everyone, i.e. you can come as a completely new beginner or amateur that just want to try out and learn a new experience or you can come as an advanced practioner aiming to get some good work out and train muay thai when on vacation.
Our PRO classes are for advanced and experienced practitioners that have a few years of training behind and strive for a more advanced level. Normally you attend these classes if you aim to reach a higher level or participate in a certain fight. The PRO classes includes sparring and clinch exercises so it is crucial to have all protection equipment needed when attending these.

All instructor led group classes are drop in classes, hence you don't have to book in advance . Just show up.

Before group session start we begin a warm up routine which includes either a jogging along beautiful Rawai beach (ONLY applicable in the PRO classes) or you start warming up by skipping rope, dynamic movements, and some light static stretches.
To all PRO classes we therefore kindly ask you to bring your runners.

Pre-workout warmup before hitting on heavy bag or practice Muay Thai helps your body to get prepared for a hard training session. Your muscles loosen up and your body gets ready.
We will teach real traditional and fundamental Muay Thai techniques, using Fists, Elbow, Knee, shin with Muay Thai clinch, offense, defense, shadow boxing, mitt training, heavy bag training and much more.

You don’t need to be in shape to start training Muay Thai.
MuayThai is a skill based sport. If you focus on the techniques you are being taught, drill them with focus and patience you will naturally get more conditioned as you practice, being able to do things faster and harder as you get better. This is the reason many people come to train with us intensively for a week or two or book one of our popular training vacations.

Our trainers are patient and take they're time to teach the right technic that suit your style and will be more than happy to help you to reach your goals no matter if you’re a beginner that want to learn a new sport, if you just want to get fit or if you are a professional fighter that want to get to the next level.
If you like to take your Muay Thai training too new a level or just want the total focus from our trainers, you can book private training. You can also book private training for Muay Thai sparring with one of our excellent trainers at any time of the day including Sundays.

In recent years many people come to Thailand to train not only to improve their Muay Thai but also to lose weight, gain confidence while taking in the beauties of what Thailand has to offer.


Youth classes, Kids Muay Thai

The transforming power of Martial Art for our youth

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand based on an ancient form known as "the art of eight limbs" because of the fact that a fighter can strike using the fist, elbows, knees, and shin. Muay Thai is a combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques that utilizes the entire body as a weapon

Fighters gym Kids Muay Thai training gives your child/youth a grade A workout.

We offer private Muay thai training for kids of all ages and levels. Our trainers will adapt the training regarding if your youth have previous experience or just want to try a fun new sport. We combine stretching, condition training, pad holding and each section offers a list of the basic techniques, for It is important to learn the basic Muay Thai techniques before you try and learn some of the advanced techniques. Our trainers work a lot with positive feedback. We usually end the session with some fun circuit speed training.
The kids love this training!


Fitness area/Gym

For a shredded physique

Fighters Gym has a well-equipped gym, with the necessary hardware, for extra strength and cardio between classes or for our visitors who just want to do their own workout routine.

 Strength training a tremendous advantage in martial arts, helping with speed, flexibility, body awareness, and power. At fighters Gym you got all you need to squat and Barbell Bench Press, Flat Bench Dumbbell Press, rowing machine, abs training, weight lifting and more

 At our Fitness /Gym area you can do your own workout. Circuit training, condition training and so on. Available for your use at any time from 07.00-12.30 and 15.30-19:30 Monday –Saturday.


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